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We are vegetation management consultants providing services to public agencies considering using animals as a natural method of removing undesirable plants. We work with fire agencies, municipalities, and government entities to implement fire fuel reduction programs. Our 16 years of experience and professional knowledge make us the leaders in this field.

Utility right-of-ways

Firebreak near homes

Visibility in public areas

  • fire prevention
  • weed and undesirable plant control
  • public safety, by providing visibility in public areas
  • enhancing native, perennial plant populations by removing annuals and brush
  • clearing utility right-of-ways, levees, and making defensible space for fire breaks
  • enhances wildlife habitat
  • uses no toxic chemical sprays
  • requires minimal manpower
  • chain saws and mechanized equipment are not used
  • no pollution or loud noises that disturb the environment
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